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Consider it a public service. We make no secret that we’re pro vapor cig, but we’re not afraid to report the truth even when that truth is a negative, so read the top e-cig reviews and understand the pros & cons. We bring you the latest news and information no matter what it is. We also provide insightful reviews for vapor cig products. And we never enter business relationships that would compromise our ability to bring it to you straight.

What is a vapor cig?

Also called e-cigarettes, a vapor cig is a device developed by Hon Lik, a Chinese medicine practitioner, in 2003 as an alternative to the classic tobacco cigarette. This vapor cig device is battery powered and electronic—which is where the e in e-cigarette comes from. It looks a lot like a cigarette, especially with the default coloring scheme, although many units have stylized exteriors.

The goal of the vapor cig is to emulate a classic cigarette as much as possible while integrating some core improvements. The vapor cig doesn’t burn—but it does have an LED light in the tip to mimic flare—and it doesn’t produce smoke. The vapor that it does produce is invisible and when exhaled it’s insubstantial, so people won’t see it, smell it or taste it.

The magic of a vapor cig occurs when the smoker inhales. Not only does it deliver the nicotine, but also it’s able to provide the sensations, smells, tastes and textures that we typically associate with the smoker experience. And you only have to buy a vapor cig once, and refilling it with the vapor is a simple, mess-free process.

Why has the vapor cig become so popular?

Well, much have what’s caused the popularity explosion is evident in the description above. The vapor cig replaces the classic cig with a great deal of ease and convenience. And we haven’t even mentioned one of its coolest features: You can smoke it indoors without breaking laws or violating regulations!

But e-cigarettes have a number of other amazing benefits associated with it that are not nearly as obvious as those already mentioned are. Did you know that the vapor cig is actually a healthier alternative to the tobacco cigarette? And did you know that over time the vapor cig is substantially less expensive than a traditional smoking habit? We’ll look at these points in detail in the next several sections.

How is the vapor cig easier and more convenient?

In addition to those points outlined above, just imagine lighting up whenever you feel like it. There’s no longer any need to leave the office or to go outside in the cold. Ever been a bar or restaurant that doesn’t have a smoking section, or do local laws forbid it?

Well, that’s no longer a problem because lighting up a vapor cig is different. Since it doesn’t produce secondhand smoke or any other environmental effects, you can light it up anywhere. And as social awareness continues to grow and laws become stricter, the vapor cig will soon be the only way to enjoy a smoke outside of your own home.

How is the vapor cig healthier?

First, it’s important to make the distinction between healthy and healthier. It wouldn’t be fair to call nicotine intake healthy or safe. However, the greatest dangers associated with smoking lie in the tar and additives that exist in tobacco cigarettes. A vapor cig doesn’t have tar, and it doesn’t include any additives. The mixture is nothing but water, nicotine and flavors.

It is also important to note that scientists have never been able to prove that nicotine has any negative effects other than its addictive qualities. There’s even strong evidence suggesting that nicotine use in moderation, without the tar and additives, is no more harmful than alcohol consumption in moderation. We should have a clearer picture over the next several years as the FDA continues to evaluate e-cigarette.

How is the vapor cig less expensive?

E-cigarettes are cheaper than traditional cigarettes in a number of ways. For starters, you can buy them online, so you’re not limited to local competition. It’s also far more practical to buy in bulk, and the material itself (refills) is far cheaper than packs of cigarettes. If you buy locally, savings will at least be 50-percent, and if you buy online and in bulk, you can save as much as 80-percent.

Another way that the smokeless cig is much more cost-effective is the control it gives you over your habit. The device only needs to consume as much vapor as is needed for a single hit at any given time. So gone are the days of taking a few puffs and then wasting 75% of a 50-cent cigarette.

Most e-cigarette units have a safety feature that limits the amount of nicotine you consume. Well, you can also use this safety feature to regulate yourself. And if you want to set up a program to decrease your intake over time, you can use the feature for that as well. This technology is quite amazing.

Is the vapor cig an authentic smoker experience?

We mentioned earlier that the vapor cig provides a 100% authentic smoker experience. But we can’t stress this enough because this is the primary fear smokers have concerning the vapor cig. We smoke because of addiction and habit, but we also smoke because of the tastes, sensations and smells. If you lose that then it’s not smoking; it’s something else.

Fortunately, a vapor cig looks and feels like the real thing. Even the weight is spot on, so when you’re holding it, you won’t even notice the difference. And they sell the units in most popular lengths, including box and soft pack variants of 100s and regulars. And you’ll be amazed at how accurate the sensations are in your mouth and noise and on your lips.

What other basics do I need to know about the vapor cig?

The vapor cig has some startup costs associated with it. You have to buy the unit itself, so making the transition from tobacco cigarette to e-cigarette is not cheap. But you’ll “make” that money back in the weeks after the purchase, and eventually you’ll be saving money with each purchase.

Also, there’s quite a bit more variety available with vapor cigarettes. In addition to the standard vapor, there’s non-nicotine vapor and a wide range of flavors available in both styles. The diversity in flavor allows you to shake things up, which adds a lot of pleasure to the experience. And the non-nicotine vapors are a great way to sate those psychological cravings without overdoing it on the nicotine intake.

Going Forward

E-cigarettes are still in their infancy. In the coming years, we can expect a great number of changes. And as electronic cigarettes continue to grow in popularity, you can expect the various marketing campaigns to increase in intensity. To make sense of it all, you’re going to need an unbiased resource like We look forward to providing that free service for you.